Firefighter Aptitude Test Questions; What You Should Know

Deciding to be a firefighter is, by all means, a great decision. Not only do you get an excellent chance to save and change the lives of people but you can also earn a comfortable living from the job. Granted, you will probably not be making any fortunes worth mentioning here but the satisfaction that comes from impacting peoples’ lives will be worth every ounce of effort that you put into it. It is, however, worth pointing out here that becoming a firefighter is not that easy- not everyone who wants to be a firefighter can become one. There are many requirements that you will have to meet before you can be qualified to serve as a firefighter and many applicants often get cut down along the way. Some of them are pretty obvious and do not need much explaining. For instance, you will definitely have to be healthy and physically fit to even be considered as a firefighter since, as should be obvious as well, the lives of human beings will, quite literally, be in your hands. As a prospective firefighter, you will also be subjected to a number of firefighter aptitude test questions to further determine if you are the right candidate for the position. One such test which you are going to have to go through and pass is the firefighter’s aptitude test.

Firefighter aptitude test questions, even though they may not sound like it at first, are probably some of the easiest questions that you are going to take on your road to becoming a firefighter. Like any other aptitude test, the objective of the test is not to test your judgment or physical ability but rather to test your ability to learn and retain the knowledge. The firefighter aptitude test questions are designed to evaluate how much of what you have learnt so far are you able to recall and apply. Therefore, the test will typically have to cover things you must have had to learn either while growing up or in your adult life. It should be noted that a majority of the firefighter aptitude test questions, in fact more than 95% of them, will probably have nothing at all to do with actual firefighting or any related situations. Normally, the test will be made up of between 100 to 180 questions and could take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours, depending on your specific location. For instance, below are two simple questions that can serve as examples of the kinds of questions to expect in the test;

  • What is 40% of 80
  • What is a third of half of 120

As you can see, the math questions above, have nothing to do with the actual day to day work of a firefighter but they test his or her aptitude by trying to find out how much information they have managed to retain and absorb from their years in school.